The Second Microteaching Final Contest Proved Successful

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On the eve of March 20th, The Second Microteaching Final Contest, which was held by the Faculty of English Education, took place in B8. Dean Zhou Fuqiang, subaltern SEC Yi zongyong, Director Zhoujie,Counsellor Jiangjian and Dr. Ed Nicholson were present. Many teachers as Gu Keping, Liyue, Yang Manzhen, and Huanghui acted as judges for the contest.

The rule of the contest is that each group has fifteen minutes of microteaching, one minute of showing points and two minutes of Question and Answer. The judges give score according these three parts.

Firstly, a video which introduces the player groups caught the audiences’ attention. After a moment, Dean Zhou Fuqiang appeared on the stage, announcing the beginning of the contest. He said,“Everyone can teach, but not everyone can teach well.”

Dean Zhou Fuqiang: Announcing the beginning

Group CAI was the first group to show their teaching skills. They tried their best, using games, such as Word Matching, Acting Time to draw the students’ attention. Not only the students, but also the audiences were entertained by their teaching.

CAI:Return me my nose!

Unlike CAI, Group TT chose Senior 2 as their target students. Their teaching objective was to prepare the students for their college exam as well as evoke their interests in learning English. “They did a good job, and it would be better if they asked questions a little bit slowly,” One of the judges commented.

TT:Look,our teaching plan!

CAT was the group which faced most obstacles throughout their teaching. The whiteboard fell off twice. But fortunately, because of their vivid performance, the students and the audiences gave them laughter’s of kindness. They chose competition to rejoice the students, and it really worked.

CAT:Comeon!White Cat!

Group CK focused on teaching their students“How to be a good child.” They explained different ways of making requests, invited students to role-play and interview. But their instruction was a bit hard for their target students to understand.

CK:Look,our future interviewer!

Then Group Cudy showed their faces on the stage. Their teaching contents include Type of Clothes, Match Clothes to body, DV Time, Dialogue to cut price and so on. They put the educational theories they had learnt, such as the TPR theory, into practice. They were so professional that everyone seemed to be involved in it.

Cudy: Now,let's have a review

The last group was Expecting, the only one that was not from the Faculty of English Education. Creatively, they chose pregnant women as their target students. They taught some daily expressions in a funny way. During their teaching, the most effective part was Test Time, in which they played a video created by themselves and students were asked to fill out the missing new words. In this way, students could not only master new words, but also enjoy in learning.

Expecting: Listen,our babies' expectation

When all the groups had finished their performance, subaltern SEC Yi zhongyong went on the stage and gave his comment on the contest. He mentioned that every group had a lively, powerful and impressive performance. He said, “I hope MT will become more popular and everyone will do a good job in studying teaching.”

Subaltern SEC :Let me say something

Then it came Director Zhoujie,“The organizer of MT this year has improve a lot, comparing with last year”. She mentioned that professional teacher doesn’t mean fashion, but we should be creative as teachers. Afterwards, Dr. Ed Nicholson pointed out that“This can not be a class, but just a performance”. He hoped that we could apply the theories we learnt in class.

Let us have a PK too!

The result came out that Group Cudy was the final winner. And “Teacher” Tianjing won the prize of “The most professional teacher”.

The Second Micro Teaching Final Contest was proved successful. Let’s look forward to the better performance of the third one.

Addition: The list of winners

First: Cudy

Second: Expecting CAT

Third: C&K CAI TT

The Most Professional TeacherTianjing

第二届Micro Teaching邀请赛决赛圆满结束

3月20日晚上7点,由英语教育学院举办的Micro Teaching邀请赛决赛在B8学术报告厅隆重开幕。出席决赛现场的嘉宾有英教学院院长周富强、党总支副书记易宗勇、系主任周洁、辅导员姜尖和外教Dr. Ed Nicholson。教师古克平、李悦、杨满珍、黄辉等担任大赛评委。


首先,一辑介绍各参赛组的视频吸引了观众的注意力。然后院长周富强出现在舞台上,宣布第二届Micro Teaching邀请赛决赛的开幕。他说:“每个人都懂得教育,但并非每个人都善于教育。”

首先出场的是CAI组合。他们利用“Word Matching”,“Acting Time”等游戏调动学生的兴趣。不仅模拟学生,现场观众也被她们的教学技巧深深吸引。




接下来上场的是组合Cudy。她们的教学内容包括服装类型、“人衣”搭配、DV Time、购物对话等。她们把学过的教育学理论应用于实践,如TPR理论。几乎所有在场人员都为她们专业的教学所折服。

最后出场的组合是Expecting,唯一一个非教育学专业的组合。他们创造性地选择孕妇作为教学对象,以一种有趣的方式传授一些日常表达。在Test Time环节中他们播放了一辑自编自导自演的视频,然后要求学生把缺漏的新单词补充完整,使学生在娱乐中学到知识。


系主任周洁也上台发表了自己的评论,“与上一届的MT大赛相比,这次邀请赛的组织工作有了很大提高。”她认为一个专业的老师没必要咬住潮流不放,但必须把创意紧紧握在手心。随后Dr. Ed Nicholson指出此次大赛只可以作为一种展示,不等于真正的课堂演练。他希望我们能把课堂上学过的理论应用于实践。


第二届Micro Teaching邀请赛决赛圆满结束,“长江后浪推前浪”,让我们一起期待下一届的精彩!


一等奖 Cudy 段蕊 熊春苑

二等奖 Expecting 刘慧曦 林淑贞 张少敏

CAT 胡旭丹 王鑫

三等奖 C&K 方春霞 田静

CAI 蔡球 张剑华

TT 元爱清 袁希 谭敏源







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